Blue (and red) Valentine

Hey friends, my back is much worse than before, and it got me thinking about alternative "medicine", specifically as it relates to what I've got going on right now: an incredibly painful upper and middle back that forces me to bend at the waist at a 90-degree angle if I just want to walk around my apartment. Y'owch.

Some of my well-meaning friends who don't share my penchant for skeptic assholery might (and have) suggested I get over it and just try a chiropractor or an accupuncturist. After all, what's the harm? Well, aside from the fact that I'd never pay for such sham treatments, the harm can be permanent damage (especially if someone is cricking my back around when I can't move it myself).

I can fully understand the possibility of temporary pain-relief of being in an incredibly relaxing room with soft lighting, soft music, and a LOT of remaining perfectly still so that a caring person lightly sticks thin needles in my back. I can also understand the possibility of temporary pain relief in getting my back cracked...I'm a life-long knuckle-cracker and the release of synovial fluid feels good, and I can move my fingers better so as to play the guitar (I probably shouldn't crack my knuckles into the microphone when I'm on stage though)...I crack my back on my own often when I wake up, and I find it's a good way to start the day.

But I don't need to pay a pseudo-scientist hundreds of dollars to do something I can do perfectly well myself, and at considerable less risk of permanent injury. I don't need to drive down to the local accupuncturist (leaving the apartment is in and of itself, a painful enterprise for me right now) to sit in a quiet room. Why a bunch of needles in my back should make any difference has been debunked many times over, and hey: a placebo is just as good as any other placebo. So if you don't mind, I'll stick to my pain-killers, muscle relaxants, and the comfort of my own place.

If someone was willing to pay for an accupuncturist to come to my house and work their, in what is very accurately described as magic, I'd welcome that.

Before I head back to bed, here's something totally unrelated:

I've always thought that so-called 3-d images of various pictures on Mars were kind of lame and childish. I wasn't about to go out and buy a children's book just for the cheap glasses, and I would never order a pair online. Then by accident I realized that I had a pair all along (in the Family Guy DVD package for their Star Wars send-up, "Blue Harvest"), so I thought "what the hell", and had a look.

It's cool and worth it.

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