Holy crap. Glenn Beck is even crazier than I thought. I knew he was crazy in that "all vitriolic mega-right-wing pundits are crazy" kind of way. But check this shit out:

Wow. He's actually screaming like a baby. A little baby who doesn't want to leave McDonald's because he's having too much fun. I would pay money to see a video of him in the studio when that was recorded.

People like Beck are really, really driving the right-wing into even crazier, scarier depths. Like this one, of Catherine Crabill, republican candidate in VA, who is suggesting that Americans may have to very soon use their 2nd amendment rights no just to own a gun, but to overthrow the goddamn government.

Man. She must REALLY not want poor people to get medicine!

I find it really hard to joke about people like this lately. They are creating a culture of not just fear, but of actual panic. They've already killed George Tiller and now people running for office are seriously working people up for a fucking revolution. Over universal health-care? Holy shit!

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