Oppreshun. We haz it.

Well, the Vancouver Olympics have shown more of our true colours. This time, the Vancouver security officials, in concert with the City of Vancouver and the RCMP, are going to designate "Free Speech Zones" a la Beijing Olympics, a la George Bush protests, a la every other area in the world that wants to tell the rest of the world that the deeply, truly care about free speech and expression. After all, they're making entire ZONES for free speech!

Details are a little muddy at this point, and nothing particular has been released regarding how many "zones", how many people they can hold, and where the "zones" will be.

I love the idea that the United States "...does not endorse or otherwise support in any way this particular form of protected expression"

What I wonder is, how the nutsack is this even going to be enforceable? Answer: it's not. The various agencies know that Canada has constitutionally protected speech, assembly and expression. No one is beholden to protest in these zones, and no one can get arrested for protesting outside them. Yet, somehow I doubt that the constitution will have full reach in Vancouver, 2010. It's the order of the day in the past decade that the "law" gets a back seat to "The Law".

Vancouverites: Good luck on this one. The eyes of the world will be on your city during the games, but the eyes of the oppressed in Canada will be watching the politics of these games. If you plan to protest, say, the wholesale forced relocation of the working poor away from the gaming areas, make it be seen. Make your country truly proud, and remember your rights even if The Law needs reminding.

I have framed documents of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Bill of Rights hanging above my keyboard. It's important that we all know what these great documents say.

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Hey where did you get those pretty versions?

Kimbo Jones said...
July 8, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

I got the documents at a book seller's expo in Toronto, 2007, courtesy of the National Archives Of Canada.

Interestingly, I got that periodic table of elements poster in Halifax at that kickass science museum/gift shop thingy downtown (along with a big star-chart).

steveisgood said...
July 8, 2009 at 4:38 PM  

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