The Book of Daniel

Daniel Loxton may be Canada's most prominent skeptic, and I've always looked up to him as a model skeptic and a model Canadian: civil, thoughful, deliberate, and humble.  I'm very proud to be able to call Daniel a colleague and a friend, and his impact on me as a skeptic activist has been enormous.

I'm very, very pleased to do my part to help get the word out on Daniel's new book, Evolution: How We and All Living Thing Came to Be, which is NOW on sale!

Furthermore, this book will come free with a minimum donation of $100 to the Skeptics Society.

If you've ever lamented how children just don't understand science these days, this would be a great way to combat that feeling!

This book will surely affect many kids to think about science, and it wouldn't be the first time!

Great work, Daniel!

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