Now that the holidays are over I've been busy doing meta-skeptic issues more these days: fewer skeptical analysis, more skeptical activism.  I've been busy with Skeptic North, doing my part in trying to work out how we're going to expand into the near future, but there are two things in particular that I'd like to draw your attention to:

1) Grassroots Skeptics printed a guest post of mine that primarily deals with how Skeptic North was formed, and the type of actitivism we're trying to engage in.  Thanks to K.O. Myers for printing it!

2) If you're in the Toronto area on Friday Jan 22, why not come down to the Toronto Skeptics in the Pub, (hosted by the Association for Science and Reason, formerly Skeptics Canada) where I'll the guest speaker discussing digital social networking in skeptic activism and how to organize, execute and promote skepticism. Thanks to the ASR for allowing me a chance to speak, and thanks to fellow Skeptic North member Aysha, who no doubt offered some Grima Wormtongue-like advice to the ASR brass in making the recommendation of me.

"You should invite Steve Thoms to speak.  He is goddamned awesome...."

So I hope to see you all at the Skeptics in the Pub (directions can be found at the ASR's events page).  Come say 'hi', and maybe we can have a good discussion about skepticism, astronomy, alt-med, and Arrested Development!

For some more Some Canadian Skeptic goodness which fuels my ego (and, strangely enough, my Mechano Set), don't forget to check out my appearance on The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and my joint-appearance on Skeptically Speaking.  

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