Set phases to stun!

Sorry for the slow rate of update friends.  There certainly is a lot to talk about, but I've just been terribly busy.  The trouble with being a music teacher is that I have to a) make regular updates to my lesson plans and b) learn a huge library of songs for the sake of my students.  But that's no excuse: we all have lives to lead, and I've simply fallen behind.  But I have a neat photo for you to make up for my relative silence:

This is a mosaic of 16 different phases of the moon that I've taken with my Canon Rebel XT over the last year and a half.  I've still got around 10 more to get, and it may take another year (the weather doesn't always cooperate, and I'm not always able to get outside) to collect the rest.

Living in the Niagara region (in the suburbs, no less), the light pollution problem is less than ideal: Toronto is an hour away, Hamilton is 30 minutes away, and Niagara Falls (which is a glorified outdoor casino/amusement park/carnival) is 25 minutes away.  I hardly ever get to do any observing anymore, but I promise that I'll share the best photos with you as soon as they come in!

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