Well, I did it.  I went to Skepchicon 2010, and I made a LOT of well-known skeptics feel uncomfortable. It seems they can't handle my gritty, in-your-face approach to skepticism.

Rebecca Watson refused to accept that it was okay for me to carve a pumpkin altar in her likeness...

Surly Amy denied my request to make science-themed cufflinks for my underpants (while I was wearing them)

Rebecca told Maria Walters (a.k.a. Masala Skeptic) that that smell came from ole "Double-Pits" back there.

Pamela Gay didn't like my idea of re-naming it "ASStronomy Cats:  MEOW!"
Maria didn't reserve her tickets....to the JUNK SHOW!

Carrie (carr2d2) is decidedly not ticklish.

Bug Girl didn't think that rash is anything to worry about it, and would I please stop trying to warm her drink with it.

Greg Laden was entirely unamused by my antics, and didn't think that it needed "to open that wide"

Tim (Tim3P0) was touched....at the JUNK SHOW!

Dr Jen Newport actually did think the rash was a concern, but not as much as the racist comment it happened to spell out.

Kammy (a.k.a. "Procrastinatrix") thought it said something else, that was also racist.
Surly Johnny thought about it, but no:  He didn't want a thorough neck-shaving.
Ted Meissner thought it looked painful: Just me.  I just looked painful.  At life.  Painful at life.
PZ Myers misunderstood me:  I said I WOULD be willing to douse myself in squid urine, so long as it was low-calorie squid urine.

 Surly Amy just made me feel uncomfortable.   

Thanks to everyone who were patient enough to pose for this ridiculous photo project, and thanks to everyone else who made my first conference a memorable one.  I'll write more about the actual conference at a later date, but right now, I'm still reeling from the 20 hour drive home

Okay, one more photo for your *ahem* "pleasure":
Rebecca Watson.  Photobomb Terrorist.

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I just couldn't believe the area it covered and that you could still wear pants and walk around. But whatevs. :P

July 5, 2010 at 11:29 PM  

Hilarious pictures! All of those skeptics probably had the most fun posing for pics with you.

Lindsay said...
November 10, 2010 at 5:01 PM  

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