Hear me! Hear me!

Okay, last week was pretty trying.  I'm not going to get into further detail, but I want to thank everyone for their kind words of support and friendship.  This coming week should be a little better, and I'll tell you why!

I was the guest on a recent episode of a neat new podcast called, "Meet The Skeptics", hosted by Chris Brown. Chris has interviewed the likes of Jay Novella, Derek Colanduno, and James Randi, so I'm honoured to be counted in such company.  Chris and I chatted for nearly two hours and he whittled our conversation down to the usable bits.  If the sound quality seems a little low on my end, that's entirely my fault.  My internet has been maddeningly slow since I moved here, and the skype call kept dropping, so we chatted on the phone. 

To hear the episode of Meet the Skeptics, go here!

This Friday, at 8:00 EST, I'll be making another appearance on Skeptically Speaking!  I'll be on with fellow Skeptic North blogger Erik Davis to talk about the difficulties in accepting consensus science.  The impetus for us coming on was primarily the recent (and ongoing) WiFi hubub, but we'll also be discussing AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) and "alternative medicine".  The topic is pretty deep, and the discussion promises to be interesting and engaging.  I will probably make dick jokes and fart noises.

Tune in this Friday!  Call in, question everything.  Ask difficult, probing questions...but softball questions are also welcomed ;)

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