To Bone-ly go....

This is my sister's dog, Faith, a 2 year old papillion.

On Faith's head, is a little bit of Wil Wheaton-worthy pareidolia:

Your move, everyone else.

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Every year, March 17th rolls around, and people invariably ask me one version of the question, "Steve, you're pretty obnoxious with the way you wear your Irish heritage on your sleeve.  You must LOVE St. Patrick's Day and drink green beer and get drunk!"
That's like saying, "Hey, you're black!  you must LOVE to eat watermelon!" or "Hey!  You're Muslim!  You must LOVE to blow up buildings!"

Well, no I don't like St. Patrick's day.  I hate it.  For years I've found it to be the most nakedly racist "holiday" on the calender. Irish heritage celebration in North America is basically a neo-blackface routine.
Celebrating Irish culture and heritage.  These people are "Irish for a day".  Lovely.

Since about 2005, I've been writing pretty much the same article for one media outlet or the other, and my opinions since last year's post haven't changed, so I'll just re-post it here (with a few updates):
St. Patrick's Day: Still Racist after all these Years:
Every year we “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day by drinking ourselves stupid, beginning in the middle of the afternoon, then maybe getting into a few fights. This is acceptable behavior because, we’re told, this is the one day of the year that everyone is Irish. Why is this flagrantly racist stereotype still so eagerly embraced? I believe it is because it is still widely acceptable to think the worst of the Irish, at levels unthinkable among other minority-groups.
I did a google image search for St. Patrick's Day, and this came up.  Seriously. 

People don’t pretend to be Mexican on Cinco De Mayo by standing in an unemployment line and selling oranges on the street-corners. On Yom Kippur people don’t wear shirts that say “kiss me, I’m Jewish” while wearing a cheap elongated nose while fake money falls out of their pockets. Black History month isn’t celebrated by enjoying an all-you-can-eat-fried-chicken buffet and starting a gang-war. And rightly so: these are all horrible racist stereotypes that reduce huge swaths of diverse peoples into the most negative imagery that is usually reserved for the old-racist-kook fraternity.

Why then, is it okay to celebrate ‘be an Irishman day’ (and lets be honest, March 17th has nothing whatsoever to do with the patron saint of Ireland) by getting drunk, making complete asses of ourselves, and be loud, obnoxious pricks? Even to the point of calling in ‘sick’ the next day, and actually getting away with it?  I've worked at places where people would call in sick on March 18th, and the bosses chuckled, and left it at that.  Oh really?  Can I do that on Sept 3?  Or May 7 (the day after my birthday)?  No, of course not.  But I bet that if I did it the day after people pretend to be their racist ideas of what it means to be Irish, it'd be super-dee-dooper, lassie!
This friendly little guy is the emblem of Irish respect in North America. We all act like this. At least when we're not a)drinking b)fighting c)drunkenly beating our wives or d) having too many children.

I hear the rebuttals, the same every year: “It’s just an excuse to get drunk…and it’s just an excuse to have fun with my friends”. Do you really need an excuse to have fun with your friends? Of course you don’t. Do you need an excuse to drink? Maybe…but is it necessary for the Irish-drunkard stereotype to serve your loathsome late-night frivolities of licentious lewdness and lunacy?

We like to pat ourselves on the back with how progressive we have become through the delusional artifice of pluralism: the colours of Benetton have become united at last! Yet we cannot look past our beer goggles when the clock points to an excuse to drink that, as it so happens, pokes fun at the Irish. Society has (rightly) shunned people who use words like nigger, wop, chink, and kraut, but it's still okay to spend $10.00 on plastic leprechaun-wear, get drunk in the middle of the afternoon, and get kicked out of 4 bars in a night because, “Hey! On March 17th, we ALL get to be Irish for a day!” and then begin the drunken chorus of “Danny Boy”. I’m a student, but in my spare time, things bother me. St. Patrick’s Day bothers me a lot.

If you truly want to celebrate Irish heritage, that's fine.  If you want to celebrate for no real good reason, that;s fine too.  Might I suggest a friendly conversation over a couple of pints and a couple of songs.  The Irish don't have a monopoly on that, but it's still fun, honest, and respectful to you and your friends.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to celebrate some else's Italian heritage by controlling a union and eating a spicy meat-a-ball.

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Set phases to stun!

Sorry for the slow rate of update friends.  There certainly is a lot to talk about, but I've just been terribly busy.  The trouble with being a music teacher is that I have to a) make regular updates to my lesson plans and b) learn a huge library of songs for the sake of my students.  But that's no excuse: we all have lives to lead, and I've simply fallen behind.  But I have a neat photo for you to make up for my relative silence:

This is a mosaic of 16 different phases of the moon that I've taken with my Canon Rebel XT over the last year and a half.  I've still got around 10 more to get, and it may take another year (the weather doesn't always cooperate, and I'm not always able to get outside) to collect the rest.

Living in the Niagara region (in the suburbs, no less), the light pollution problem is less than ideal: Toronto is an hour away, Hamilton is 30 minutes away, and Niagara Falls (which is a glorified outdoor casino/amusement park/carnival) is 25 minutes away.  I hardly ever get to do any observing anymore, but I promise that I'll share the best photos with you as soon as they come in!

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