Bryce Wylde, that wacky TV personality who advocates that you take homeopathy for cuts, bruises, the flu, and cancer (wait, what?) has had a bit of a confusing relationship with how time flows.  (and a few Skeptic North members).  Here's just a few of the madcap online adventures he's been having lately:

1) He got into a twitter fight with a bot yesterday.  In fairness to Bryce, once it was pointed out to him that it was a robot (how he couldn't guess that the twitter user @AI_1023 was a robot is a bit surprising), he took it with humour, so I can't give him too much flak.  After making a silly mistake like that, laughing at oneself is the best reaction, so I can look the other way and shrug, "Oh least he knows"

2) In response to a very well done CBC program that looked into homeopathy, Bryce helped to launch a campaign for his supporters to flood the comments section at the CBC with pro-homeopathy comments.  Thing is though, this campaign was launched BEFORE the program even aired!  It's not just skeptics who noticed this, but the CBC caught wind too.  Rightly, they devoted an entire page showing all of CBC's readers this embarrassing tactic. 

From Bryce Wylde's website, put up before the program aired.  And he wasn't the only one resorting to this tactic either!!

You know, Skeptics often get attacked by homeopathy supporters as being dogmatic, biased, and dishonest, and this CBC show was attacked on these same grounds.  But even a first grader could tell you not to badmouth something before you even see it.

3) Regular readers of Skeptic North will likely know of the complicated relationship that we have with Bryce Wylde.  Last April, I wrote a piece about how sad I find it that Wylde is on TV advocating his business and products (thinly veiled as "health advice" on a dedicated program).  A few months later, Kim Hebert wrote a similar piece about him being on Canada AM.  This got Wylde's attention, and he even left a comment, politely suggesting that we skeptics read 21 on his 'favourite' papers in support of homeopathy.  Kim responded that she would, but it would take some time.  Bryce wasn't satisfied with Kim taking the time to read the papers, saying that he was "aghast."  Well, true to her word, Kim (with some assistance from other Skeptic North readers and members) spent a great deal of time and energy pouring over the articles.  Her conclusion:  All the papers where either of poor quality, used incorrect controls / statistical methods, or they actually supported the opposite of what homeopaths think they said.   Wylde's response?  I think 'flippant' would be a fair way of describing it.  What do you think?

After Wylde was encouraging people to denounce a TV show that they (nor he) hadn't seen yet, I was poking around his site for a while, when I noticed this:
Note: Not too long ago, an outfit who call themselves "Skeptic North" posted an online thread criticising Bryce and his "21 Favorite Papers" on homeopathy. Well, those papers are not his only favorites. I hope anyone with a scientific mind will enjoy reading below. Music teachers and OT's are welcome too."
Regular readers of Skeptic North or this site will well know that Kim is the OT (occupational therapist) and I am the music teacher.  Is it just me, or does this comment seem awfully petty, passive aggressive, and borderline childish to you? 

Other commenters have tried to use my profession against me before.  It's as if because I'm a music teacher, I can't read, add two and two, or know what science is.  And it's also as if Bryce can't say what he means.  Well, I have little patience for that kind of pettiness.  I say what I mean, and I mean it here:  Bryce Wylde:  My college education (in MUSIC, fer crying out loud!) and my university education is worth far more than your homeopathic education.  Far more. But I'm not the one trying to give health advice.

If you want to learn how to play any instrument you can think of, my rate is $20 for a half hour.  What do you charge for your homeopathy consultations?  Oh. $225 for the first hour and 15 minutes.  I wonder if I can accuse you of being in the pocket of Big Boiron (which makes far more than Merck, a Pharma giant.  Small wonder, given that Merck actually has a research budget).

Oh, and Bryce Wylde:  After that stunt you pulled to get people to condemn a show that has yet to air: you NEVER get to call anyone dogmatic, biased, or closed minded EVER AGAIN.

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